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Professional Photographers of Hawaii

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Professional Photographers of Hawaii
P. O. Box 2891
Honolulu, HI 96802

2018 Officers

President: Cliff Kimura
Vice-President: Stan Chun

Secretary: Will Poindexter
Treasurer: Johnson Chen
Auditor: Maureen Chun
Chairman of the Board: Kay Okumoto

Director, Oahu: Debbie Kaopuiki
Director, Oahu: Dwight Okumoto
Director, Oahu: Terry Takaki

Council Member, Maui: Jerry Grigory
Council Member, Kauai: Dianne Reynolds
Council Member, Hawaii Island: Bruce Omori

See Through Our Eyes

The End is Near-I 76
The End is Near-I 76 MIKE JOHNSON, F-PPH.
From album: --2009 JUNE's Print Competition Winners--

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